Polyurethane Plastic

PU Plastic is used commonly in making figurines or action figures. It cures very fast with a very hard surface.

Polyurethane Foam

PU Foam can be used by either “hand” mixing or machine processing and shows very low reactivity. It is suitable for applications of insulation, cavity filling and laminates. The common uses include the manufacture of foam sheets, pipe sectional filling, cold room or ice box insulation, marine buoy or ship cavity filling etc. It can either be spray or inject depending on the environment.


Product No. Type/ Appearance FEATURES / USES
Latex Yellow
  • Single component elastomer
  • Yields a flexible, elastic material with good tear resistance
  • Excellent tensile strength
  • Vacuum Bagging Materials

    WTT specializes in developing and designing of composite mould preparation products and vacuum bagging technology.


    Being involved in the composite industry, WTT is committed in providing Innovative Solutions to the Global Market. WTT offers systems, products and technology that set quality and production standards in a wide range of fluid handling applications including composite, glass reinforced concrete , and sealant and adhesives


    WTT understands the need for simple, cost effective and long-lasting tools for the fibreglass and composites technologies. Being a major supplier of FRP raw materials, WTT now also provides a wide range of innovative tools and accessories to meet the changing needs of the customers. We have equipments ranging from different rollers for laminating, bubble removing, painting to different gauges for measuring the thickness of gelcoats or laminates. We also have spray equipments for gelcoats or resin wetout. There are also different equipments for testing the FRP as well.


    WTT is proud to be the sole distributor for the worldwide worldwide adhesive Plexus used in fastening, joining, sealing, and coating technologies.

    Plexus Adhesive is a methacrylate adhesive developed for bonding today's hard-to-bond engineered plastics, advanced composites, metals, and other dissimilar substrates. They have a proven history of durability in the most demanding of applications and are widely used in the marine, automotive, truck, bus, recreational vehicle, rail vehicle, architectural, infrastructure, and general manufacturing industries.

    Chemicals & Solvents

    WTT sells a variety of solvents like MEK and Acetone. They are generally used for cleaning different chemicals off tools like paintbrushes or rollers. We do have water based cleaner Super Cleaner which is commonly used for cost saving. For more information, please refer to FK Brochure.

    Core Material

    Release Agent

    WTT carries a range of mold release wax for Maximum Release, High temperature usage and ease of use. Contact us to find the one most suitable for you today!!!

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    Product No. Type/ Appearance FEATURES / USES
    PU Foam 35, 50, 80, 100 & 200 Yellow Polyurethane Foam PUSF is manufactured from two components rigid foam polyurethane system with a nominal density of 35, 50, 80, 100 and 200 Kg/m³. This is a closed cell foam.