WTT is proud to be the sole distributor for the worldwide worldwide adhesive Plexus used in fastening, joining, sealing, and coating technologies.

Plexus Adhesive is a methacrylate adhesive developed for bonding today's hard-to-bond engineered plastics, advanced composites, metals, and other dissimilar substrates. They have a proven history of durability in the most demanding of applications and are widely used in the marine, automotive, truck, bus, recreational vehicle, rail vehicle, architectural, infrastructure, and general manufacturing industries.

Today, Plexus Adhesives are revolutionizing the design and manufacture of a wide range of products. They are replacing mechanical fasteners, welding, and other traditional assembly methods in boats, automobiles, trucks, buses, RV's, railcars, spa's, tubs, shower, wind turbine blades and other assembly applications. They are also simplifying the on-site construction of large architecutral and civil engineering structures.

Plexus adhesives are approved by major certifying agencies worldwide. They have also been tested and approved for use by major domestic and international builders of automobiles, trucks, buses and recreational vehicles.

  • Structural Adhesives
  • Plexus advanced methacrylate structural adhesives include:
    • * Adhesives for today's difficult-to-bond engineered plastics
    • * "Fiberglass Fusion" Adhesives for composites and FRP
    • * Plexus Metal Bonder Adhesives for metals and dissimilar substrates
    • * Low-shrink and low-odor adhesives

  • Surfacing Adhesives
  • Ideal for fabricating countertops, bathroom vanities, wall panels, and other surfaces, Plexus Surfacing Adhesives produce tough, virtually invisible bonds on a variety of surfacing materials including cast polymers, acrylics, polyester blends, engineered quartz, and natural stone. They are available in a multitude of standard colors and can be custom tinted.


For more information, view the Plexus Adhesive selector guide.