Glass reinforcement is one of the most common types of reinforcement used commonly in plastics, cement, gypsum etc. It is inexpensive, relatively strong and is compatible with many materials. We carry a large variety and quantity for different type of Glass reinforcements.

Product No. Type/ Appearance FEATURES / USES
Chopped Strand Mat 230, 300, 380, 450 and 600 White Chopped strand mat is produced by chopping glass fibre strands or roving in lengths of about 50mm and upon depositing these at random in a horizontal plane, they are adhered together in a mat with polyester binder.

  • It is used to manufacture large-sized molded products, boats, bathtubs, tanks, corrugated sheets, etc by hand lay-up method. At WTT, We have all kinds of sizes and packing to suit your requirements.
Woven Roving 200, 300, 400, 580, 600 and 800 White Woven roving is a thick plain woven cloth using roving as warp and weft.

It is used in large scale molding products where strength is required such as boats, tanks and FRP molded shapes.

It is also used in products manufactured by the rational molding process. It is available in different weight and width for different applications.

Fabric 100, 160, 200, 280, 380 White Glass Fabric is produced made by weaving yarn into cloth on a loom. It comes in several weaving namely, plain, twill or satin.

It is generally used in applications such as base material of FRP molded shapes, interior decoration materials, waterproofing materials, shipbuilding and other FRP applications. WTT has a whole range of glass cloth of different weight and sizes to fit your needs.

Multiaxial & Speciality Fabric White At WTT, we provide all types of glass fibre materials to suit your needs. Our vast range of multiaxial include unidirectional, biaxial mat, double biaxial, triaxial, and quadriaxial. Speciality Fabrics include combo mat, stitch mat, continuous mat, nexus, reemay, rovi core...etc of all sizes and packing to suit your needs.

Multiaxial Fabric is generally used in applications for special strength requirement or special strength distribution.

Speciality Fabric is used for achieving thickness, for different manufacturing processes and for unique reinforcements.

Veil or Surface Tissue White Surfacing Veil is made from randomly dispersed glass fibers, wet laid and bonded into a thin sheet.

These veils are used in multiple applications in different industries.

In the building industry the products are used to reinforce faced acoustical ceiling panels as well as to reinforce flooring, insulation, gypsum and exterior materials. The automotive industry applies veils in batteries, panels and separator applications and headliner reinforcement. It is also commonly used as the last layer for added chemical resistance in chemical linings. We have surfacing veil of several weight and width to fit to your requirements.

Tape 2” and 4” White Glass tape is generally woven fabrics cut to a maximum of 20cm in width. It is available for insulation components by surface treatment.

All kinds of woven fabric are available to meet the your specifications. It is widely used in insulation for industrial pipes. We have glass tape of several widths to suit your preference.

Milled Fibre White Milled Fibre is produced by grinding glass fibre by a special method into a powder form of cotton-like appearance. It performs the function intermediate to chopped strand and glass powder. In particular, it improves the physical properties such as thermal property and dimensional stability while maintaining the excellent surface finishes of the product.

It displays effectiveness particularly when used in closed molding and also in preventing cracks in coatings and gelcoats. It comes in different quality and packing to suit individual requirements.

Chopped Strand 3mm, 6mm, 12mm & 1”–1.5” White Chopped strand is a product produced by cutting glass fibre strands or rovings into aspecified length and it is classified in accordance with the purpose of its uses and its applications.

This product is used as reinforcement material in pre-mix compounds and BMC. It is also used as reinforcement in thermoplastic resins and gypsum as well as raw material in glass paper manufacture. It is available in different lengths and sizes for all kinds of applications.

Filament Winding Roving & Spray Roving White Roving is a product made by consolidating together with binder a prescribed number of glass fibre strands each made up of several hundred glass filaments respectively.

Cylindrical molded products and pipes are made with filament winding roving by pultrusion molding and filament winding methods. For bathtubs, all sorts of tanks and boats are produced by spray-up and performed molding methods. At WTT, we have roving of different tex and binder suitable for different applications.

We also have the Alkali Resistant grade roving for the GRC industry.