Corporate Profile

Corporate Profile

Wee Tee Tong is a global company comprising of several divisions, namely chemicals and steel, palm oil and palm oil mill, and property and construction.



Chemicals & Steel

The chemicals division comprises of Wee Tee Tong Chemicals which focuses on the development and sales of fibreglass and composite materials that enhance the quality and performance of today’s products. The activities in this division are to a large extent based on WTT’s in-depth knowledge of composite technology (including organic chemistry and formulation technologies) and on the company’s broad application knowledge.

Our steel division aims to be a steel hub in Singapore committed in supplying all kinds of steel to the construction, marine and transport industry.

Our integrated network sales and distribution and committed production, research and technical service facilities serve customers around the world.



Property and Construction

The property division aims at developing long term yields for the WTT group with investments around the region. WTT continues to adopt an aggressive strategy in the property arena purchasing favourable asserts whenever the opportunity arises.

The construction arm continues the positive investments and successful execute a construction projects, though effective planning and design. Through the years, WTT has successfully develop factories, apartments and houses for the public with many projects ranging in different sizes and designs.



Your Preferred Partner

We are your trusted partner for Composite and Fibreglass business. Client partnership and alliance forms an integral part of WTT Chemicals with the with the intention of improving productivity of technology, operations and profitability on both parties.